Our products are manufactured with recycled materials preventing environmental pollution

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Eco Shoes

We care about the environment

We are an eco-conscious company that you can feel-good supporting.

Where others see rubbish, we see the opportunity to give that junk a second chance and become something lovable and comfortable: Eco Shoes! In Partnership with big factories, we recycle their leftovers avoiding huge amounts of garbage. We reuse their discarded fabrics (jeans, old work clothes, samples, etc) and bring them back to life.

We also recycle car tires! Our Soles are manufactured with recycled material from car tires, avoiding the environmental pollution that one of the most threatening industries causes.

Our products are delivered in recyclable & reusable cotton and linen bags. The bigger retail boxes are produced from recycled carton.

Furthermore, we are a environmentally conscious company that encourages the employees to save paper and conserve water. Our merchandasing is made with recylcled materials, from the T-Shirts, to the envelopes and post its we use. And whatever paper waste we generate is donated to the Garrahan Hospital reclycling project in order to help the kids.

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