Working together

Step by step for a better world

We want to inspire and promote social action creating a new business model that prioritizes the development of sustainable fashion and generates partnerships to encourage and motivate community, generating social, environmental and economic value, promoting a better quality of life for all.

There is still a long way to go, but together, step by step, we can make a better world!

We are not alone! We are several walking alongside, accompanying and supporting towards achieving fulfill the dream. On our tour we find very valuable people who already joined his team and we link them together to create more force.

Thank you all

A global goal, a global dream

You can also contribute with your purchase
and be part of the change that is happening!


"Our shoes are a symbol of hope for many people! We are building a better world step by step!"

"We believe that a better world is possible and are contributing by using recycled materials to develop our shoes!"

"A better world is possible if we change the way companies make business."

"With every pair of leaf espadrilles you buy, we help TECHO to achieve their goals and their mission to overcome poverty! Be part of the change that is happening. #beLeaf"

"A opportunity for a better future! Helping small factories and artisans to evolve and grow. Providing economic stability for their livelihood. #StepByStep for a #BetterWorld!"

Be part of the change that is happening

A group of individuals with a common purpose

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