We propose not only to imagine the future we want to enjoy, but actively create it

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The first step for social inclusion

A better future for people in need, creating Partnerships with social NGOs, helping to improve their productive sectors for mass manufacture produced by prison inmates.

Generating job opportunities, workshops and trainings for unemployed or uneducated people, and the expansion of their employment opportunities and social reintegration.

Work and training favors the reintegration into society significantly reducing the chance of crime and poverty. Crime is a product of the lack of a life project and work, education and culture are contributing to the full reintegration of people in extreme poverty situations and gives them the opportunity to learn how to behave as a team, learning also about respect, fellowship, doing something dignifying and being able to become breadwinners for their families.

Knowing the importance of work as a tool for social reintegration, we are working hard, in order to create more and more job opportunities for those in need, offering long term contracts to keep working with us, in our factories, using their newly learned skills.

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