Step by step for a better world

A new angle to the casual shoe market with an outstanding contribution to TECHO NGO.

LEAF as a new footwear generation willing to take on the challenge of being full partners with TECHO and together feature the social reality to their customers. That direct experience with the problem is the best way for young people to become committed to solving it.

Today TECHO is the leading growing NGO in the world, with almost 2M fans on their Facebook sites. We are stressing our role in creating tomorrow’s market and our ability to capture a disproportionate share of associated revenues and profits. For that we must build the competencies that will make a disproportionate contribution to future customer value.

We can build a company, and make Collaborating with NGOs. Or redefine the business, and together with TECHO create a massive moment. We must understand that the future is not an extrapolation of the past. Our unique idea of building a Company in a partnership scheme with TECHO, at first blush may seem evolutionary, will prove to be revolutionary, and will get us to the future before our competitors... without risk.

Understanding quality in it ́s most ample concept ( Manufacturing, materials, qualified well paid labour, and satisfied final users) we have organized our company so that TECHO receives the primary financial benefit from every sale made. This will allow TECHO to become “a truly sustainable NGO, rather than a charity dependent on fundraising for support”. The goal is clear, “Eradicating poverty” and your purchase is an important step towards this goal.

together we can


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